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Our company is a premier manufacturer of 3D parts, models, and prototypes in a variety of materials with multiple processes.

FDM - Solutions

For all Small & Large Production Runs

FDM is ideal for low cost, functional applications where durability and specific material properties are important.

SLS - Solutions

For all Industrial Business

SLS is ideal for affordable prototyping, complex geometries, tough end-use parts, and low- to mid- sized production runs.

SLA - Solutions

For all Business Prototyping

SLA is a high-precision 3D printing technology used for creating prototypes, mold patterns, and production parts. It is one of the best technologies for applications requiring accurate form and fit, or fine details.

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For Business: For business inquiries please complete our contact form. Our team will help you within 24 hours.

For Orders: If you’re ready to submit an order request, please complete our order form. Our team will respond shortly.

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We can work with nearly all files. However, files should be either .STL or .STEP format. Walls should be at least 0.4 mm thick. For SLA or SLS printing, walls should be 0.7 mm for guaranteed printing; although, we can accept 0.4 mm thickness but will not be guaranteed.

Yes! We offer global shipping with a variety of carriers. For international shipping, you’ll be responsible for any customs or duties. We also offer local pickup for customers in Tampa, FL.

For FDM, we typically ship within 3 business days. This will be dependent on order size and/or production capacity. We’ll let you know if it will take longer. For SLA / SLS parts, there is a five (5) business day lead time. We have expedite options available.

Maybe. If we ship your parts to Florida, then applicable taxes will apply. If your parts are for resale and you have a resale certificate available, once you provide that to us, your parts will be tax exempt. For all other customers including international, there are no taxes due.

We recognize that parts are the intellectual property of the buyer. As such, we do not share your files beyond what is necessary for the production of the job. We also have an NDA available at no cost, should you require that.

Global Service

We have a facility to process more than two dozen capabilities including casting and injection molding to meet your needs. We print locally and ship globally.

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