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Everyone at our company, 3D Rapid Prints, is excited to welcome you to our new home. We are hard at work, in between printing your parts, designing, and testing out this new platform. Let us know what you think!

We released a new ordering process that allows you to upload your files (in .STL or .STEP format up to 5mb) to help streamline the ordering process. Of course, if you have a different file format for a particular print process, you can send that to us by email after we reach out to you, but 95% of all files will fit within these file guidelines.

We are diligently introducing new content to help you understand the different types of printing and the materials associated with each process. We recognize that many clients are new to 3D printing, while others are veterans. Some clients know exactly what they want. Newer clients aren’t sure. In either case, we hope to be a resource for you to ensure you have a smooth process from start to finish.

Finally, we want to highlight that we print locally, but ship globally.

Many of our clients look for a local 3D printer and we love that! However, we also want to be known as a company that can work with anyone regardless of your location. We’re here to help you!

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