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At 3D Rapid Prints, we use a variety of printers that we use to produce parts. One of these is the top-tier from Dremel. They offer several models, but this model is the 3D45.

Perhaps you know the Dremel name and you may have some of their tools in your own arsenal. Keeping with their commitment to quality and service, this printer has lived up to their name. We find this printer to be a workhorse and has performed very well.

Capabilities of the printer include PLA, PETG, Nylon, and Eco-ABS. Of course, these are the officially recognized materials. We also print true ABS on the machine with no issues. One of the drawbacks of the unit is the need for proprietary filament. This is overcome with an external filament holder. We use this to expand the offerings and capabilities. This also brings a cost savings to you as well!

The printer handles support overhangs up to 60° and has four levels of quality from 50µ to 300µ.

Another upgrade we use is a PEI bed which allows for better adhesion and smoother release of parts resulting in higher quality and better printing.

Dremel also includes several methods for slicing parts prior to printing. The two prominent ones are Dremel Print Cloud and Dremel Digilab 3D Slicer. Both utilize network printing and remote monitoring of the print jobs via an HD camera.

We’re proud to have this printer at our disposal and we think you’ll be happy with the quality of the models you order as well.

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