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In any market, consumers choose everyday whether to do something on their own, or to use an experienced and specialized business to do the work for them. Model and prototype printing is a business you likely do not want to do on your own. In this article, you will see why this is the case.

Consider something simple like an oil change. There are really two choices. One can go to the store to purchase a vehicle lifter, oil, filter, oil trap, and tools then spend time lifting the vehicle, draining the oil, removing the filter, replacing both filter and oil and finally, disposing of the used oil. Alternatively, one can visit a dealership or automotive lube facility and have a professional change the oil. Most choose the latter because it is more efficient and cost effective. Expertise and guarantees are important reasons as well.

In the model and prototype profession, the vast majority lack the equipment or printing expertise to handle this on their own.

Equipment is expensive, and supplies like filament or powders aren’t one-off purchases. Additionally, the time spent to learn the ins and outs of various printing technologies take considerable effort to master. Choosing a company that has this knowledge is important.

Our company has produced over 6000 parts for clients located around the world. We have private clients with personal projects and corporate clients with a need for prototypes, tools, samples, and models. If a project requires design modifications, this service is available as well.

3D Rapid Prints takes all the worry from the creator and in short order, produces real parts from your files. We give you are expertise on what makes a good file, what will form (or won’t), and provide the machines to create your parts in nearly every process, quality, and color you could ever want.

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