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Turnaround Times

FDM print times vary by size of the project; however, for smaller parts, 3D objects take only a few hours. This allows for quick turnaround times for your project. In some cases, depending on current production needs, we ship parts the next day.

Size, print quality, support needs, and quantity all affect print times. We analyze each part and provide job completion estimates.

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and Tough

FDM material is able to endure a variety of stresses including heat which makes it an ideal medium for your next prototype.

We offer PLA, ABS, TPU, Nylon, and PETG. Each has their own characteristics and application.

PLA is more sensitive to heat, bending, chipping, and drops. Despite these drawbacks, it is an excellent material with which to print. It resists warping and is fantastic for prototypes, models, and some toys.

ABS is very tolerant of heat, slight bending, and drops. It is best used for cases, handles, most toys, and enclosures.

TPU is the choice to make for parts that are exposed to much wear and tear. It is flexible, bends, and conforms well. TPU is best used for wearables such as wrist or foot components and products like phone cases.

Nylon is quite strong and durable. It can be used in a variety of mechanical applications and prototypes. Nylon might be found in hinges and gears.

PETG is a moderately flexible material that does well with temperatures and drops. It is best used with mechanical parts and protective components.

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and Dimensional Accurate

Depending on the 3D printer and other file properties, it is possible to achieve highly detailed models to allow for projects that need to pass fit and form tests. Part cost, quality, form, and function are paramount; therefore, FDM is an excellent choice to test designs.