Why use SLS?

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Due to the SLS printing method, parts can be highly complex including internal mechanics.

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Strength & Stiffness

The materials used in the Selective Laser Sintering method, make parts very strong and usable in a variety of industries. We have several materials available.

DuraForm PA – a white polycarbonate-like material that is a durable thermoplastic with balanced mechanical properties and fine-feature surface resolution. For real world functional testing and low to mid-volume production runs.

DuraForm GF – a gray nylon that is a glass-filled engineering plastic with high stiffness for durable prototypes and low to mid –volume production parts that require elevated stiffness and heat resistance.

DuraForm HST – a gray fiber-reinforced engineering plastic with excellent stiffness and high temperature resistance. Non-conductive and RF transparent. For testing and use in rugged environments.

TPU 70A – a white rough material with a durometer of 70A which is ideal for prototypes and final parts for elastic structures, hoses, grips, bellows, bumpers, gaskets and seals, tubes, toys and modeling for Footwear, Automotive, Aerospace and Luxury industry.

Black Nylon 11 – similar to DuraForm PA but is black. It is more prone to warping and should be avoided for large parts.

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Due to the way SLS prints using powder, no supports are needed and can handle overhang angles of 0° to 45°. However, for internal structures, escape routes for the powder are necessary. Some internal powder is impossible to remove in sharp angles.

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